Professional Voice Recordings

Now you can bring the impact of a nationally recognised professional voice over artists to your business.

A professional voice recording can help to bring a more prestigious and perceived quality to your brand or product. A voice actor with years of experience can record the job in a shorter period of time and generally offer the client a variety of styles and tones to adapt to the script.

Sadly, if someone without any formal training in voice announcing tries to sound “professional”, they usually end up sounding forced and unnatural. These resulting feelings of genuine discomfort are then passed subconsciously to the listener.

Professional voice recordings are used in areas of business like radio and TV commercials, in store announcements, in cinemas, audio books, on-hold, children’s toys, corporate narrations, animations, education, presentation and training.

Whether you need a professional recording for a phone voicemail, presentation, radio commercial, TV commercial or any other application that uses a human voice, Dave Kirwan can help.