Radio Commercial Voice

Radio commercials are a necessary evil. They keep interrupting the music but also help to bring the programs to large audiences for free.

Radio voice overs are made up of nearly every single style of voice talent. From children and teens, through to adult and old folk. There are announcer voices, characters, natural and then the radio DJ's voice.

In regards to radio station imaging, there is generally one main voice known as the promo announcer or numerous voices comprised of a male and female to balance things out.

Depending where the radio commercial will air, along with how long the script is, for how long it will run, will determine the voice over rates that will be charged.

As most radio and television broadcat campaigns can run into the tens of thousands of dollars in buying airtime on the local and national stations, the professional voice over rate is actually a very small percentage of the entire campaign. Dave Kirwan has recorded hundreds of radio commercials that have aired across Australia’s biggest radio networks, including Austereo, Nova, SEA FM and numerous smaller local markets.

If you’re looking for a recognisable and experienced voice talent that can bring a professional sound to your radio commercial, book Dave Kirwan now.