TV Voice-Overs

Voice over commercials that appear on television are generally charged at a higher rate than radio commercials. This is because they are viewed or heard by a larger audience, and sometimes the voice over recording is required to sync in time with vision.

It is well known in the industry that it takes an experienced and consummate professional voice to complete the job quickly and with limited amounts of takes. Studio time is expensive to record and mix the commercial with sound effects, music, pictures and other effects. Therefore time cannot be wasted on a voice talent with a lack of experience, ability to take direction, or knowledge of the process.

Dave Kirwan has recorded TV commercial voice overs for some of Australia’s biggest advertising agencies. He has voiced TV promos for Nickelodeon, MTV, Nine Network, Kids Co, Disney Channel, Vh1 and many more over the years.

TV promos remind viewers about when their favourite shows are going to air, what time and day shows will be screened, and also promote competitions that TV networks are running.

Dave Kirwan’s voice has constantly appeared across television promo spots for the past decade and is an industry professional. He can bring a new, fresh sound to your next project.