Voice-Over Production and Recording Studios

Professional sound recording studios have played a big part in voice over production for years. As technology continues to develop, many voice over artists now have professional home studios to offer clients the same quality sound as they traditionally received in sound recording studios.

Clients are able to connect to a voice talent by various means such as ISDN, Source Connect, telephone patch and even listen in to a voice over session via Skype at near CD quality from their computer speakers.

This is a great way to save time and money. Even if you still want to use a professional recording studio to mix the voice with music and sound effects. An increasing number of Dave’s international clients have him record using his studio and then take the WAV or MP3 file on a USB stick to their studio of choice to me mixed.

This saves at least an hour’s studio fee which usually runs into hundreds of dollars.

Voice over production is also the fine tuning or ‘sweetening’ of the voice. This includes compressing the voice, de-breathing, equalizing the sound to make it appear crisper or add more bass, and even adding echoes or other tricks that are done to enhance the sound.

No matter how many effects are added, the voice is still one of the most important elements of any audio production. The voice talent’s ability to take direction and give the client exactly what they are after is one of Dave’s biggest factors in his clients return time and time again.