Voice-Over Recording Studios

Voice over studios and audio engineers are another piece of the puzzle in putting together a professional audio recording for broadcast.

As technology improves with the broadening of internet speeds along with the transfer of high quality voice over files at cheaper rates, producers are able to book professional voice talents to record in their own professional home studios.

One of the benefits of using a voice over artist that has access to a home studio is that money can be saved.

In recent years smart advertising agencies and producers use the professional voice talents home studio to record the voice over, and then take a number of recordings on a USB drive to the audio engineer to mix with music and effects. They still continue to book the voice talent through regular agents.

This is a great way to cut down on production costs rather than using a cheap voice over talent.
Dave is able to record in his professional home studio or in a recording studio of your choice. He can be booked through EM Voices in Sydney or CESD in NYC.

His equipment includes a Senheisser MKH 416 microphone, Behringer mixer, MacBook Pro, sound proof booth and high speed internet. Also a secure server to deliver audio files in any format required.