Voice Over Talent Agent

Credible Voice Over Agencies represent experienced and professional male and female voice over talent who are at the top of their field. Generally the big voice agencies will only take on a voice once they have a proven track record. It can take years for new voice actors to gain representation with a voice acting agent.

A large, reputable voice over agency or voice over website will not charge any fees to be listed, but they do take a commission of every job booked, anywhere from 10-20% on your earnings.

Voice over agents are important in guiding a voice overs artists career with advice and industry experience. They also help to get your name known to ad agencies via their voice over website, bi-yearly CD compilation or now the modern voice over USB stick that is sent to voice over agency clients.

Smaller agencies can still land you the big jobs, because they are sometimes seen by advertisers as having voice talent that is not saturating every TV or radio commercial. Therefore they could be thought of as a boutique voiceover talent agency.

Most castings now are done via the voice over agency website. Demos are able to be updated more frequently and new artists can be added to a site in a matter of minutes.

Ultimately though you still need to take charge in promoting yourself. Turning up to sessions on time, having a good work ethic and friendly manner, not being a diva in the studio will all help you develop a great name in the voice over and advertising industries.

Australia’s best voice over agent is EM Voices. They are known for having the best full time voices that are dedicated to the voice over industry. They have voice talent all over Australia and the world. Dave Kirwan is represented by EM Voices in Australia and the United States most prestigious voice over agency CESD Talent.

If you're a voice talent looking for representation there are a number of agencies you should submit your demo to:

EM voices